Curly Q's Rabbitry


Flemish Giants

Sky' Gemmi

 Blue buck

DOB: 3/16/13

Sire: Reed's Rc91x

Dam: KB Rabbits(KB191)

Bloodline: 7 KB's , 2 REED'S, 1 Circle, 2 Wooleys, 1 Sunny's

Colors: 11 Blue, 3 black

  for Sale $120

Curly Q's Black As Night
Black Flemish Gaint Doe
Dam: Shaud's Farm Beulah
Sire: Sky's Gemmi
Bloodlines: 6 KB's, 3 Reed's, 2 wooley boogers.
Colors: 9 blues,3 blacks


Will Be Adding one more blue and one Black  doe soon